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Welcome to the new Site!

Greetings! and Welcome to, now proudly hosted by Wix. Yes, after 6 years on Tumblr, I've decided to move to a new host. All of the recent turmoil Tumblr has been having with its users aside, I've wanted to move the site to a place that would permit me to take advantage of the many new feature that have been appearing across websites lately, and I wanted to provide better promotion for the YouTube and Twitch videos that I've been doing the most often. it seems that Wix now respresents that cutting edge.

Compared to the previous site, you'll notice that a lot of posts are missing. Before I shifted sites I had a good long look at my post history, and I determined that a great deal of those older posts were merely site update notifications dating as far back as 2014. This is on top of all the previous "house-cleanings" and updates I did on this site. So, this pretty much constitutes a clean slate.

In the coming days I'm going to be re-uploading the most recent updates to the previous site, including the new full-color webcomic installment, "The Derby's Derby's Derby." In the mean time, the lexicon and the 4 completed web-stories are uploaded, so new readers can learn about the history of the series.

Thank you all for continuing to visit this site! I promise that going into 2019, the best content ever created involving The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay is just right around the corner!

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