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The Tin Tuna

Given that The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay - Volume 1: Gallery of Rogues has been out for a while, I can finally post a bit about the one member of their myriad cast of villains who has yet to appear on the website. I’ve never had a chance to really give him a solid design, and everything I have of his looks only exists in rough images. However, he is distinct in that he is the second villain I created, after Silas Monstrosity, even though I’d already had the basic premise for The Three Headed Mob in mind. 

So, Royce Calvin is a self-designed villain with a particular fetish for gems and precious metals. He is a master deceiver, a cunning thief, and an expert martial artist. He also has one heck of a case of Japanese Culture worship. When he first encountered Midnight Jay, his initial nemesis, he was merely a cat burglar, but when they meet the second time, he had become a full blown, samurai armor-bedecked master swordsman.

 He believed his armor to symbolize the cunning silver fish who swim in the freezing waters of Hokkaido, and gave himself the name “Suzumaguro” to represent their strength. That is when Midnight Jay sadly informed him that his name actually translates to “The Tin Tuna.” The Derby and Jay take great joy in constantly mocking him for this, although Calvin is never to be underestimated. Despite his baffling name, he’s amassed an army of students who admire his Katana skills, and follow him to the ends of the Earth to meet his sinister needs. 

That would be everything, except for the fact he has a particular tie into Midnight Jay’s past which makes him even more foul. What is that tie? Well, you’re just going to have to buy your copy of SDMJ: Volume 1 on Amazon for paperback and Kindle to find out!   

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