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The Paperboy

This one is for the people who have been reading the site a long time, and are somewhat “in on the joke.” Yes, the seemingly inocuous paperboy who got one scene and a mention during “Monstrosity Returns” is actually a recurring character, stepping firmly into the limelight as of "The Madness of Mother Mandrake."


Joining The Constable as the only other close friend of Thaddeus and Mary Jane, The Paperboy plays a similar role, in that he always brings up important backstory and plot exposition, which he offers in the form of the newspapers he constantly sells. What’s different about the character, though, is that he doesn’t have the same active crime-fighting role that The Constable does. He’s an innocent bystander. He’s never even seen Thaddeus and Mary Jane in costume, and he’s completely unaware that his projection of the daily news has been extremely useful in their tireless crusade against crime.

The Paperboy represents a classic archetype, common in actual pulp fiction novels and serials of the superhero era. He’s an orphan who, due to the then-sanctity of self-made enterprise, can still make a living due to his hard work and business-like demeanor. He’s practically a little adult, and Thaddeus and Mary Jane don’t have the slightest issue with treating him like one. 

He’s destined to become a very important character overall. To mention how would be giving away too much about the future of the series, but I can give this much away: the reason he’s called “The Paperboy” is because as of this very moment in the series canon, he hasn’t been given a name. 

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