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The Lost Month

So, there's no easy way to say this: there have been zero updates to this Patreon in the month of August. I apologize for that. I have no excuses other than, real life intervened in a big way as I was completing my summer semester, but in the end, everything bad worked out in the best way. I will be looking to collect my BA in Communication by the end of this semester, and my former part time job at a bookstore has been upgraded to a media lab position that will, among many other advantages, permit me to always have a hand improving myself while studying the use of Adobe products. 

So, now that a good deal of that is out of the way, I'm working on a long term plan to keep the webcomic, novel, and YouTube page updated. Mostly this means sticking to a strict agenda that includes a 6,000 word novel update once per week, new comic pencils at least once per day, and a regiment for publishing a new YouTube video once every ten days which also re-tools the current Scarlet Derby video content on YouTube to accomodate the new schedule.

And as always, you fine folks who are pledging us on Patreon have the advantage of seeing the majority of this new content first. Or tiers for updates, exclusive comics, bonus content, and a weekly advance update on a YouTube video will all be seeing an update THIS WEEK. And coming soon, I will be adding a $75 monthly bonus tier...But, I'm keeping that under wraps for now...

So, once again, I apologize for the absent month, but I promise I will be making up for that oversight with loads of new content from this point on. Thank you all for your contributions. I will work hard to be certain that your pledges will be fulfilled this and every future month. 

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