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The Constable

Chief Constable Howard O’Gratin, another essential character in the pantheon of superhero archetypes: the veteran police officer who delivers important plot exposition and represents the concept of domestic law and order.The reason he’s named after a potato dish was as a parodic homage to his counterpart in the ‘60′s Batman series, Chief Clancy O’Hara. 

He’s another character who has been around since the original story, and another character who received a description before an official drawing. In text he was a portly man with a thick mustache and equally thick pair of muttonchops. In drawing, the two facial hair items seem to meld together, although it appears the rest of his head is completely bald. The permanently shuttered eyes are supposed to indicate age, and they belie his true personality, as he seems to notice far more than he lets on.

The Constable is both the liaison of The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay, and a close personal friend of their secret identities, Thaddeus and Mary Jane. He supports the two heroes by making them duly deputized citizens of the law, and defending them in instances such as when their actions were outlawed by the duchess in “Monstrosity Returns.” He seems to favor The Scarlet Derby as a crime fighter, the impetuous young hero reminding him of himself in his earlier detective days. As a friend, however, he’s much more fond of Mary Jane, and has at one point offered to “take care” of Thaddeus for her, not trusting Mary Jane’s sudden new husband at first sight. 

So far, The Constable has not yet put together the similarities between his two close friends and the two superheroes he dutifully assists, but as I said before, he notices more than he lets on. There’s also a lot more about his backstory and motivations which still remains to be written, so stay tuned! 

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