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Returning to Twitch on 3/18

So, I'm going to be returning to regular streaming this Sunday, and then every weekend beginning at 8 PM MST. There will be a few changes to the format, and I'll be describing them below:

Due to general concerns with DMCA and the CASE act, I will no longer be playing any Triple-A games. At minimum I will play titles from lower-tier publishers like Team17 and Devolver Digital but no first or second party published titles and nothing with copyrighted characters. In addition to the risk that these streams will violate DMCA, I also simply feel that there is a more open game market these days, and there are lots of great indie titles that deserve the attention.

I will still stream for a minimum of three hours, but not all of those hours will be devoted to gameplay. I will also be feauring some vTuber chat segments, and I will be including stream-participation games like Stream Raiders and Marbles on stream.

I am also working on a viewer prize pool system, where both regular and random viewers can regularly win prizes such as my previous books and comics, hand drawn art, and game downloads on Steam.

I recognize that I have been working the vTuber handle for some time, but my format has fallen back a bit, and I haven't been doing many of the things that more well-known vTubers have worked on. By rebooting the stream I hope to create an inclusive and friendly environment. That is beneficial both to my creative work, and enjoyable to all my viewers. I hope I'll be able to bring you lots of great entertaining streams, and in return you can support and my charity efforts on behalf of Extra Life and other worthy causes.

I will be posting a poll ending this Sunday (3/21) for the first game I will play on my premiere stream. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. See you this Sunday.

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