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Plans for 2020

Happy 2020! I admit, the end of the last year was a bit rocky, because I was adjusting to new goings-on in my personal life, and I was wthinking real hard about the direction I was hoping to take with my progress, particularly now that I have this Patreon page. I've given things a sufficient sufficient amount of thought, though, and I'm happy to announce to you what is going to happen with The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay in the coming months. 

Webcomics - If you've been following the main website over the past pair of years you know that I've been wanting to switch up the art style, over the years I had a lot of inspiration, most prominently French action comics like the Spirou and Asterix books. I feel like I've played with the designs sufficiently enough to consistently deliver a comic with that level of dynamic cartooning. The only drawback is that I have several comics on the backburner. I need to complete the following stories: Monstrosity to Shining Sea, The Derby's Derby's Derby, The Reek of Evil, and the Patreon exclusive, At The Con.  

I intend to finish these comics because I have plans for their marketing, more on that later, but in addition to that, I'm going to launch the first page of a new ongoing webseries. Unlike all the previous comics, the new webcomics are going to be ongoing, part of a series that has an ongoing continuity just like the lite-novels. I hope to make the comics have the same depth and complexity that the main series has. I'm also using new software to draft these comics, so expect a major improvement in the overall graphic quality.

Print Comics - One of the main reasons I'm still working on the unfinished back comics is that I will soon be releasing a collection: Adventures of The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay Vol. 1. I will be releasing this collection online via Amazon Kindle and Comixology. As for print copies of this omnibus, I will be publishing them locally and selling them at local comic shops and at cons. If enough popular demand is set, I will also release them in print via Amazon. 

Lite Novels - The third volume of The mainline Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay book series, The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay Vol. 3: The Thickening Plot, will be released by this spring. In the meantime, people who are part of the Patreon at the $10 tier will preview the book a few paragraphs at a time.  

Web Animation - 2020 will be the year of The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay On the Air, a legitimate action/adventure series  made exclusively for the internet. The pilot has been recorded for some time. It will be released as a multi-part serial with episodes on a regular, potentially bi-weekly schedule, alongside new episodes of the other two webseries, The Scarlet Derby Says, and The Scarlet Derby Plays. 

Here's the unfortunate news: the series as a whole will very soon will be leaving YouTube. YouTube's handling of the new FTC/COPPA guidelines has significantly sidelined the long term plans I would have to promote my series. I depend on the use of Patreon to fund the web work I do, and I can't risk the financial grey area that YouTube's new policies may potentially leave me. I will soon be moving every non-promotional part of the classic series onto a channel hosted by Vimeo. In addition to allowing promotional material on its site, Vimeo also works very closely with Patreon, which will be more beneficial to certain tiers on my Patreon rewards list.

Twitch Streams - This is a slightly more broad topic, but I do have significant plans for my regular streams on With all of the new comic work I will need to do, you can expect me to be doing a lot more art streams. These will be off schedule, but they will most likely occur on weekday afternoons from Thursday through Saturday, which my work schedule will most likely permit. My only scheduled streams will be let's plays which will occur on Saturday and Sunday nights beginning at 8 PM MST. 

I am working closely with several local Twitch-based organizations for my promotion in the future. These associations are still in the works, so I will announce them later, but I certainly hope to be using my stream in a much more communicative and social manner going into the year 2020. 

Patreon - Once again, I appreciate all the support that has been given to me via Patreon. My only lapse in running rewards for the site has been my ability to continuously fill the $50 tier where I send snail mail to my supporters. I'm going to be eliminating that tier, but I'm going to be replacing it with a better tier. Now $50 and over Patreon supporters will receive one FREE monthly art request from me at the end of every month. That's right! I will send you an e-mail informing you that you have credits for free art to spend, and you'll get one free full page, full color drawing request for me every month you remain a $50 subscriber. 

The $50 tier also comes with a special feature especially for fans of the steampunk genre: you may request that your monthly art request be of your steampunk OC, and I will draw a one page, up to 6 panel comic, of your steampunk OC doing whatever you want. How cool is that?

So, I've got my work cut out for me, but it's a real joy to be able to continue to write this series. Thank you once again to all of you supporting me on Patreon. Please continue to watch this site and  for all the latest updates.

With Much Self E-Steam,

-Mike Cervantes 

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