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Maestro Bellaco (character)

so far, all of these entries have been about characters, but I find it difficult to separate the character of Hector Bellaco from the story he’s featured in. I had written the original story for the magazine, and then "The Three-Headed Mob," which was similar in formula to that story, as it was the first to be published online. I felt the need to write this in a much more grounded and dramatic way, just to see if I could successfully break up the formula.

In the same way I admire evil trios, I’ve also always had a soft spot in my heart for the Lothario-based villain, a character so completely deluded by his ambitions, and his attractions, that he basically lives in his own little world. a good Lothario would be the right thing to shine a lens on the troubles of The Derby and Jay’s relationship. I wanted him to be Spanish as a nationality, and from there a character arose that possessed a lot of  similarities to Salvador Dali. the name “Bellaco,” I took from a translation that meant “villain” and “scoundrel,” but also has a slang connotation that is a lot ruder, but still fitting to the character. 

I tried a lot of firsts in this story, in addition to being the first dramatic serial, it was also the first where The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay spend a lot of time apart, with the lion’s share of the character interaction on the side of Midnight Jay. While it was a great way to show a bit more of the dimension of the character, I was constantly concerned about there not being enough action, as well as where I had decided to put my page breaks. After finishing the story, I’d shown it to one of the admins at Welcome to Steampunk. They assured me that even though the story was quite different, it was still very much in line with what the characters had been in previous stories. 

Will we ever see Hector Bellaco again? While I feel the story reads pretty well on its own, it would be a shame to never come back to a point where Bellaco exploits the fact he knows The Jay’s secret identity. I have a hard time seeing him as a recurring villain in the vein of Silas or The Three-Headed Mob, though, as he’s more common criminal than supervillain. 

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