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Introducing The Superlative SDMJ

I'm very happy to bring you the cover image and the first page of The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay's brand new ongoing webcomic: The Superlative Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay. As stated in a previous post, this comic is unlike any previous series in that it is tied directly into the Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay's lite-novel continuity, picking up the story after four of the proposed lite novels, two of which WILL BE FINISHED SOON, I PROMISE!!!!

Anyway, the main story goes like this: Three years after their marriage, The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay find themselves as key players in an international superhero team called The Superlatives. Temporarily bound to their duties in Washington D.C., they work to raise their newly adopted son, Ewan the Paperboy, and combat raised stakes as they adjust to battling all new villains from across the globe. There will be adventures from the Scarlet Derby and midnight Jay's past, present, and future in this all new series.

Look it up on the main website,, all our webcomics are also hosted on, so, if you follow comics on that website, please give us a subscription as well. Enjoy!

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